Nov 2021

Content Understanding Cash Flow Statements Limitations of the Statement of Cash Flows Primary Purpose of the Statement of Cash Flows Examples of Methods of Disclosure For many investors and analysts, OCF is considered the cash version of net income, since it cleans the income statement of non-cash items and non-cash expenditures (depreciation, amortization, non-cash working capital items). Net income refers to the total sales minus the cost of goods sold and expenses related to sales, administration, operations, depreciation, interest, and taxes. Operating cash flow is cash generated from the normal operating processes......

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Jul 2020

Content Direct Deposit Without a Voided Check? Absolutely! How to Void A Check CIT Bank Money Market: 1.55% APY, No Fees and Secure Banking CIT Bank Term CD: Earn 4.75% APY Is it safe to send a voided check via email? How to Void a Check Also, you should not cover the banking information which is written at the bottom of the check. You can also request a stop payment order through your online banking web portal. But read the fine print about when the stop payment will go into effect. Remember,......

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