Summit Women is the ministry to women of all ages at Summit Church. Summit Women is for every woman & every girl. We are moms, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, students, professionals, introverts, extroverts, athletic, artistic, techie, crafty, foodie, professionals, musicians, married, single, imperfect, lovers of Jesus.  While we are each unique, we believe we are better together.

Upcoming Events

She Is Conference

October 30 & 31 / 2020

The She Is Conference is the annual women’s conference hosted by Summit Church.  It is a powerful 2-day gathering of women of all ages that is dedicated to see that every woman be rooted and grounded in who SHE IS in Christ. You’ll experience an inviting atmosphere where you will engage with hundreds of other women in uplifting worship and inspiring teaching. Our 2020 featured guests are Andi Andrew, Annie F. Downs, and Bianca Olthoff.

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Propel Women is a once-a-month gathering on the Second Tuesday night of each month.  It is for women of all ages who want to grow in their capacity, strengthen their ability, and be inspired to pursue the call of God on their life. Propel is designed for busy women who have enough to do in their daily lives, but want to carve out time for real community and conversations with women like themselves.

Are you looking for a great way to build relationships with other women and grow deeper in your walk with Christ? Our Women’s Bible Study + Small Groups are a great place to start!  Our summer groups will be kicking off the week of June 6, 2020.  We hope you will join us!

Real Moms is a group of women who strive to support other women who are navigating this thing called motherhood. Our desire is to create a space free from judgement and doubt, and full of respect for one another. We want to meet you right where you are, no matter where that is, because we realize there is power in our strength and in our weakness. There are no perfect moms, only REAL ones, and we have a place for you.  Real Moms meets during the school year from September through May.